Handprint, Footprint, Fingerprint Designs

Using non-toxic paint we will capture your child's footprint, handprint, or fingerprints on pottery of your choosing. Next, we will help you design and paint a treasured keepsake piece.

Don't have time to paint? For an extra fee our artists can turn your child's prints into almost anything.

Auction plalte created from children's fingerprints on pottery platter.

Teacher appreciation plate using children's fingerprints.

Teacher appreciation platter.

Plate decorated with owls created from children's fingerprints.

Fingerprint owls.

Turkey platter with handprints converted into turkeys.

Handprint turkeys.

Monsters created from children's footprints for Halloween tray.

These cute monsters were created from children's footprints.

Easter bunnies created from children's footprints on ceramic platter. Be Wild for Art, Norman, OK.

Footprint bunnies.